Grail Maiden Slots

Set in the times of King Arthur and his knights at the round table, Grail Maiden will have you experiencing all the excitement that comes from preparing for a pilgrimage of your own. Grail Maiden slots is a video game with a difference, there are 5 Reel Slots, but it doesn’t really have any pay lines instead it has 4 betting limits to help you on your way to obtaining the 1,000 or 4,000 coin jackpot. Grail Maiden is a really enjoyable video slot game with stunning graphics and a well matched theme tune. The game itself is easy to play and is sure to be loved by all slot gamers. You can find Grail Maiden Slots at Liberty Slots Casino, home of the VIP slots experience. For Instant Play - Liberty Slots Flash Casino! or Download Liberty Slots Casino NOW!

Grail Maiden Slots - Grail Quest

Before embarking on your quest you will need to understand a few of the basics when playing Grail Maiden slots. Firstly, you should check out the pay structure as this will show how much the symbols will pay out when they are matched. Grail Maiden doesn’t have any pay lines but there is a bet limit which ranges from 25 to 100 coins and then all wins are multiplied by 2, 3 or 4 depending on how much was bet. With coin denominations ranging from $0.01 to $1 the game might seem to be more suited to penny slot players, but with unlimited pay lines the game will also be ideal for high rollers.

Grail Maiden Slots - Knight Slots Theme

The symbols in Grail Maiden slots are beautifully crafted and remain in line with the overall theme of the game. The symbols that you will see spinning round on the reels include; castles, maidens, and knights as well as all the high value playing cards. The Grail symbol is the wild this means that it can be used to substitute any symbol except the scatter symbol in order to complete a winning combination. The scatter symbol is the shield. If you get the Maiden symbol on each reel then you will win the 1,000 coin jackpot, but if you bet the maximum amount of 100 credits as well as getting a Maiden on each of the reels then you the jackpot amount will be multiplied by 4 which could see you walk away with 4,000 coins!

Grail Maiden Slots - Free Spin Bonus

In order to activate the bonus round you need to have a Maiden or knight on reel 1 as well a grail on reels 2,3, or 4 and a maiden or knight on reel 5. There cannot be the same symbol on reel 1 as there is on reel 5. Once the bonus round has been activated you will receive 5 free spins, all winnings are then added to the overall total.

Grail Maiden Slots - Searching for the Grail

Grail Maiden can be played at Liberty Slots Casino. Liberty Slots offers a very impressive 100% match bonus for the first deposit and an exclusive players club where you can continue to receive bonuses.