2 Million BC Slots

There weren’t slots machines here on earth way back in prehistoric times, but if they had them, they would surely look a lot like Two Million BC Slots. Betsoft Gaming has once again created the ultimate Neanderthal caveman themed, 5 reel 30 paylines 3D slots game that comes loaded with tons of animations and features. Get ready to hear the drums beating away, the dancing cave man and sexy wife are looking for diamonds.
  • This game is a real gem to play so prepare to take a trip back in time and pick up where the dinosaur’s left off. You’ll be traveling through the jungle during prehistoric times and play to win with a game that is loaded with winning features.
  • Soon as you see the intro video you will be dancing with the drums beating and the caveman will be coming to greet you.
  • The slots interface is totally designed with prehistoric earthly images using rocks, jungle, animals, insects, fire and more.
  • You’ll be entertained by the caveman as he dances around when you take your spins, cheering you on or just taking it easy next to the fire cooking his dinner.
  • The game animation even goes through a day and night cycle when the caveman will go to sleep and wake up in the morning. His wife will even come out an give him a kiss and then bonk him on the head with a tree branch and drag him away, but no worries, he does come back to cheer you on again.
  • To play the game, it’ s easy to see and how to use it. On the bottom, starting from the left to right players can select their coins sizes to play, starting with one coin amount and way on up to 150.
  • Then you can select lines on the next rock, bet amount per line on the next rock, spin button is the next rock and the caveman’s fire is the Bet Max pay line trigger.
  • The animated symbols on the reels include: Fire, Clubs, Rubies, Saber Tooth Tigers, Ancient Rock Monuments, Money Containers, Diamonds, Wheel, Artwork on a rock, Caveman’s Wife and a Giant Flying Insect.

Two Million BC Slots is a featured filled journey

If you’re a slots player that is looking for lots of great features in a slots machine, then you’re search through time is over. Two Million BC Slots uncovers all the Free Spins, Saber Attack features and a Sabertooth Diamond Bonuses. To get those free spins just get 3 or more Camp Fire symbols to trigger the nighttime free spins mode and they will start automatically. If you keep hitting the campfire’s symbols during the free spins mode, you will get even more free spins during the bonus round.

Now get ready to hit the Saber Attack feature. Keep your eyes on the Acorn symbol as it appears in any position on reel 5, the player will collect an Acorn token. Just collect three acorns and that will trigger the Saber Attack feature. Then the caveman will aim and shoot, knocking the cat out cold for an instant coin reward.

  • You can keep those acorns for later too. Now get ready for the Sabertooth Diamond bonus game, which will take you to a second screen bonus round.
  • Just hit three or more Diamond symbols on the reels, in a winning combination and you’ll trigger that round. But you will need to help the caveman and decide for him on how he should attempt to steal the diamond from the sleeping saber tooth tiger without getting caught.
  • The player selects whether or not to amuse, attack, or sneak up on the cat. Once you select your game plan to collect the jewel, the caveman goes into action and heads on over to the cat and grabs the diamond and you collect up the rewards.
  • The cavemen, like a true gentleman will hand over the diamond to his wife as a gift.
  • Overall, a great game to play and the animations, features, illustrations and bonus rounds will surely take you back in time and bring you back to the future; now loaded with winning cash when you play Two Million BC slots.