Turkey Time Slots

Not only are the payouts on Turkey Time slots very generous, but there's an interactive bonus game. That makes this three-reel video slot a game you want to play again and again.

Winnings Depend on the Number of Credits

The more credits you bet, the more you can win. Bet one credit and you can win 2 coins for a slice of pie. Two slices of pie pay 5 credits, but all three pay 10. There are also bars in the game. A mix of bars pays 5 coins. Single bars pay 10 coins, double bars pay 25 coins, and triple bars pay 40 coins. Leaves are next with a prize of 80 coins. Finally, the hat is worth the most at 800 coins.

With a two-credit bet, the prizes you can win double. This puts the highest possible prize at 1,600 coins. With a three-credit bet, the highest prize is 2,400 coins.

No matter which bet you place, the hat is a wild. If it helps for a winning pay line, it doubles your winnings. If two hats help form a winning pay line, your winnings quadruple. With this special feature, you could turn a hat and two leaves into an impressive 160 or 320 coin win, again depending on whether you've bet one, two, or three credits.

The Turkey Time Bonus Game

In Turkey Time's bonus game, you have nine images of a turkey on the screen. Pick one and wait for the cash prize to be revealed. Is it high enough? If not, try again. You get four picks before you're forced to take the prize. If you're lucky, you'll wisely choose the highest prize on the screen. All it takes to start the bonus game is the appearance of the bonus symbol on the third reel.

Play Turkey Time today. Bets start at a penny, so you can play for hours without risking much of your own cash. All it takes is the decision on how much a coin is worth, how many credits you want to bet on the pay line, and then click “spin reels,” and you'll be on your way to big wins.