Daredevil Dave Slots

Have you ever wanted to feel the excitement of riding along with one of those outrageous stuntmen like Evel Knievel or Super Dave Osborne? If so, then Daredevil Dave’s Daredevil Reels from Wager Gaming Technologies is the slot machine game for you. You get all of the excitement of pulling off those larger than life stunts (and winning big, big money in the process) without having to worry about crashing and burning or all of the broken bones.

Daredevil Dave is a very slick looking 5 Reel Slots Bonus Slots machine with a massive twenty lines for you to win on! Talk about a quick and easy way to rack up the big bucks – this one is it! And all the while, you’ll be enjoying the beautifully rendered reel icon that will get you right into the spirit of the death-defying stuntmen that so easily manage to capture the hearts and minds of their breathless audiences around the world.

Daredevil Dave Slots Symbols - Sports Slots Theme

Flaming rings, checked flags, and motorcycle helmets are just a few of the symbols that Daredevil Dave offers in place of the more traditional slot machine icons. And the payoffs for these symbols are every bit as daring as the name of the game implies.

And if that weren’t already enough, the flaming number one wild symbol not only can be substituted for any of the other icons to complete the money making matches, but it also doubles the prize money received from any payout that it is a part of. Yep, you heard right, double the payout!

Still not breathtaking enough for you? How about a gold trophy scatter symbol that can pop up and kick your winnings into overdrive? Get three scatter symbols to win a massive fifteen free spins, during which all your winnings are tripled! Did they say tripled?!? They must be crazy!

But that’s still not all. For those of you who really want to get the full experience of being a death defying stunt rider, Daredevil Dave has just the bonus game for you. Just get two of the stock car bonus symbols and you’ll find yourself making impossible jumps and racking up outrageous payouts!

Because Daredevil Dave is a 20-line slot machine, winning combinations can pop up almost anywhere. So, betting all 20-lines is going to be your best bet to really land those massive paydays – that way you can win no matter where your combination appears. After all, nothing is more disappointing than seeing five motorcycle jackets pop up in on a line you didn’t play.

The other reason to play as many lines as possible all the time is that the free spins granted by the golden trophy are at the same bet and the same lines as the spin they originally appeared on. During these free spins, the machine counts your winnings as calculated from your last bet. And as mentioned before all your winnings are tripled during these free spins!

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Best Daredevil Dave Slots Bonus

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