Online Slots at El Royale Casino

When you see the collection of available slot games at El Royale Casino, you might wonder where to begin. There are plenty available focusing on every subject you can imagine.

This is one reason why we recommend trying demo slots before you play any real ones. This holds true for every casino, although the brilliant collection at El Royale Casino must be seen to be believed.

Using the demo mode means you can understand how a game works and whether it would be good for you to try before getting started for real.

Hover over any game title and you'll see the demo option

The games at this casino are offered by Realtime Gaming, meaning you've got lots of diverse ideas flying around. That's good news for you, and better still is the news that you can try any of these games if you fancy doing so.

Play as if you were playing for real

We loaded the Magic Mushroom slot to check it out. It loads with a fun balance available to use, along with a clear FUN PLAY message in the bottom left corner.

You can adjust your bet amount on each spin by using the plus and minus commands next to the TOTAL BET option under the reels. We recommend choosing the level of bet you would go for if you were playing a real game. This gives you a genuine feel of how things might work if you did switch to the real thing.

It helps you work out whether some games are more affordable than others

We should all have a budget to work with, and that should be in place before we even consider playing a slot game. We can then use that budget to see how various slots would fit with it if we played them with real cash bets.

El Royale Casino benefits from using RTG games because those games do have a selection of bets to choose from. Some have a higher minimum bet than others but using the demo before switching to real games is the best way to work out which titles would be good for you.

And remember, you don't ever need to play for real if you decide not to. There are plenty of slot games to play at El Royale Casino that allow unlimited demo play every day.