Big Bang Slots

Classic slot machines are some of the most popular games both online and in house for casinos. Big Bang Slots has all the features of a classic three reel, three payline slot combined with a great prize list and a few extra features thrown in. While the game is simple enough for even a first time slot player to pick up on with a spin or two, the winning possibilities will definitely keep you playing the reels.

The Look

When you first see the screen of the Big Bang Slots you won't be thinking old fashioned slot machines. The reels are in the lower section of the screen with the paytable clearly shown above. This makes determining just what you winnings are as simple as can be. The gold and red colors are definitely eye catching and are carried out throughout the screen from the reels through the paytable.

Symbols On The Reels

The gold and red cherries, gold bars, red sevens and the gold coins form the winning combinations on the active paylines. Cherries pay out if there are one, two or three on the active payline while all other symbols require a match of all three. Bars pay out with any combination and the gold coin is definitely a symbol to watch for. The gold coin is the wild symbol and can substitute for anything else to make a winning combination. Three gold coins also give you the highest winning jackpot with a total of 6000 coins up for grabs.


Wagering is very simple with the Big Bang Slots. Each coin can be valued at between one cent and five dollars, with the possibility to bet one to three lines at that one coin value. This means that one line with the lowest coin amount would only cost you one cent to play while playing all three lines at maximum coin amount would be a total of fifteen dollars per spin.


Players can elect to spin the reels will each wager, or they can pre-set the autoplay feature. This allows you to set the reels to spin for a selected number of times at the current line and coin wager. All winnings are totaled automatically during the auto-play feature which can be interrupted at any time to reset the wager amount. Big Bang Slots is an uncomplicated slot game that has a great possible jackpot of up to $30,000 when playing maximum bet. If you haven't tried this classic slot yet be sure to check it out at your favorite online casino.