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Cleopatra Slots are one of the most iconic online video slots that keep slot fans coming back to the Nile again and again for a trip to the ancient time of the Pyramids. Egypt Slots theme have expanded beyond Cleopatra slots to include the whole range of Egyptian lore that will include: Cleopatra, Ankhs, King of the Niles, Ancient Treasure, Mummies, Snakes and everything else that can be included in a slot symbol featuring ancient Egypt. The best thing about Egypt slots theme is the improvement if slots sounds that really transports you into another time for a period of much needed escapism. Online Egypt slots themes not cater to Elizabeth Taylor like Cleopatra fans and Indiana Jones treasure finders or younger Mummy fans featuring Brendan Frasor. You can play Egyptian Themed Slots at Liberty Slots or Bovada Casino.

Egypt Slots Theme - Cleopatras Pyramid Slots, Last King of Egypt Slots and Cleopatras Gold Slots

Egypt Slots theme video slots can be found at Liberty Slots Casino. Most of them will be 5 Reel Slots and will have a Bonus Slots Game that will be Free Spins or an exciting Egyptian themed bonus slot game where the slot graphic really shines. For FREE practice of Egypt themed Slots check out our Best Flash Casinos. If you like slot themes check out our Asian Slots and Animal Slots.

Egypt Slots Theme - Free Egypt Slots

Egypt Slots Slot Review Description
Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots Bonus game video slot lovers will enjoy one of the funniest and highest rewarding bonus games in Cleopatra's Pyramid bonus game. Download and Play at Liberty Slots Casino!
Last King Of Egypt Slots Last King Of Egypt Slots Last King of Egypt slots is a video slot machine that takes you into an Egyptian temple. It uses symbols that are perfectly in sync with the era including a chariot, the Sphinx, a horse, scarabs, the king, and a prince. Download and Play at Liberty Slots Casino!
Cleopatra's Gold Slots Cleopatra's Gold Slots Cleopatras Gold Slots transports you to ancients Egypt with the excellent video slot symbols such as: the sexy and luxurious Cleopatra symbol, black and mysterious black Egyptian cat, the Gold Ankh symbol, the intricately detailed Scarab Beetle (think Indian Jones). Download and Play at Bovada Casino!
Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Slots Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Slots Cleopatras Slot Theme with Random Progressive Jackpot. In ancient Egypt a lot of their writings were done in hieroglyphics or symbols and in this slot game you will see some quite interesting symbols which will help to uncover the jackpot amounts. The symbols on the reels include; pyramid, Cleopatra, Ankh, Bast, Eye of Horus, Scarab and high value playing cards. Download and Play at Bovada Casino!