Animal Slots Theme | Gorillas, Monkeys and Chicken Slots

Online slots fans are a peculiar breed. Long time slots fans will know that they like a certain slot theme that brings a smile to their face or offers instant relaxation from the graphics or the great sound effects. Animal Theme Slots are one of the most popular online video slots because people keep playing them at land based and online casinos. The following is a updated list of some of the most popular Animal Themed Slots with a brief description of their slot them.

Animal Slots Theme - Your Furry Slot Friends

Most of these animal theme slots can be found at Liberty Slots Casino. Most of them will be 5 reel slots and will have a bonus game that will be free spins or a another mini bonus slot game. All the online slots are Free Animal slots as the US online casinos listed here have a free practice mode.

Animal Slots Theme - Free Animal Slots

Animal SlotsSlot Description and Download Casino Link
Cool Bananas Slots

Cool Bananas Slots is a King Kong Gorilla themed 5 reel, 25 lines video slot that will instantly bring a smile to your face every time you see the grinning Gorilla on the left hand side the slot machine.

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Jungle King Slots

Jungle King Slots How about a game where you are the true king of the jungle? Wouldn't that be nice for a change? Yes…you will encounter tigers and other beasts of the jungle but you won't come back empty handed my friend.

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Safari Slots

Safari Slots The African Safari theme in Safari slots has some very creative and uniquely animated animal creatures such as the grinning rhinoceros with pointy horn, the lurking spotted cheetah, the tall majestic giraffe, the big beaked Parrot, the hapless Monkey plugging his ears (guaranteed smile and laugh every time you see the Monkey symbol), the ivory tusked Elephant, the Binoculars and Camera, the empty African tundra, a comical Park Ranger and the Safari expedition Jeep.

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Funky Chicken Slots

Funky Chicken Slots Funky Chicken slots uses the animal farm theme really well in the winning symbols such as the Bald Farmer with a shotgun who looks like he is searching for the Funky Chicken, the John Deer Red Farm Tractor, the Traditional Farm House (I can just smell the corn on the cob and lemonade), the fresh white Egg symbol, the smiling Scarecrow in cornfield at dawn and of course our favourite Funky Chicken who is kind of cackling looking like he is doing a little Funky Chicken dance evading the shotgun wielding farmer.

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Magic Monkey Slots

Magic Monkey Slots The symbols are mesmerizing, mysterious and vibrant with the pert monkey and friendly dragon. You will be captivated by the crystal balls, bananas, spell books, dragons, potions, aces, kings, queens, and jacks that are all used to persuade the magical monkey.

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Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures Slots Each of the icons are beautifully rendered in loving detail in a funny and amusing cartoon style that will have you smiling all the way to the bank. Whether it is their greedy little piggy with dollar signs in his eyes, or the duck wearing the dealer's visor, or even Old MacDonald himself - these symbols all have a unique style and flare all their own.

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Jurassic Slots

Jurassic Slots Prepare to go on a fantastic dinosaur trail and visit your own Jurassic Park with Jurassic Slots. As you get up close and personal to some of these extinct beasts including the fearsome T-rex, you could find yourself winning the not to prehistoric jackpot.

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Dolphin King Slots

Dolphin King Slots Dive into an under water adventure as you prepare to go swimming with these majestic mammals. Dolphin King is a sea themed slot game.

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