Treasure Trail Slots

Are you ready for a good old treasure hunt on a far away island? Kick back with one of your favorite beverages and try your luck on Treasure Trail slots. Here you will virtually be taken away to an island in search of a lost treasure. You’ll know where you are because the symbols are everything that you will need to find your treasure. Look for skulls and crossbones, telescopes, bars of gold, treasure chests and parrots. Don’t forget to look for X because it always marks the spot! Get three X’s and you will just have won the big daddy of jackpots!

Treasure Trail Slots - Treasure Slots Theme

Treasure Trail slots have 3 Reel Slots and one pay line Progressive Slots but because it is progressive you can only participate in the progressive jackpot if you load up the machine with the maximum wager. If you don’t then you are just playing for the straight jackpot which is still nothing to sneeze at!

What people claim to like most about Treasure Trail is the remarkable graphics, huge winning potentials, and the fact that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. The only moans have been that there is only one coin option and only one pay line…conversely if you are well-known with progressive jackpots you would already be expecting this.

Treasure Trail is another great gaming option brought to you from Vegas Technology. Treasure Trail accepts two dollar coins and you can play a max of three. You can only win big if you bet big so this game is not for those who like to keep their change purse closed.

Keep in mind that the progressive jackpot is never less than a minimum of $100,000 but it gets way higher than that! Another thing that makes this particular game more unique is that there is a Wild Symbol, the Red Cross…this is uncommon for Wild Symbols to appear in games that offer progressive jackpots.

The twist of the Wild Symbol is this…Treasure Trail offers nine winning combinations but when you factor in the Wild Symbol the number of winning combinations rises to more than 75.

Best Treasure Trail Slots Bonus

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