Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the biggest of big slot jackpots. The odds may be slim but it is every dream on an online slot player to hit that life altering progressive jackpot. The online slot odds may be slimmer than getting hit by lightning but you still see people in the news being hit by lightning every day around the world.

Progressive Slots have larger than normal jackpots because a portion of every bet is placed into the progressive jackpot whether you bet maximum or not. You ONLY have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot if you be the maximum amount of coins. Therefore, if you intend to bet less than maximum coins you are probably better off playing another online slot.

Online Progressive Slots - 3 Types

1. Stand Alone - the online progressive slot is the smallest of the three jackpots as the online casino will only take from the pool of players at that single casino brand. Still fun and better odds to hit but it will be a smaller progressive jackpot.

2. Linked - Online Casino have multiple casino brands that use the same casino software linking the progressive slot jackpot. For example, English Harbour Casino was one of the grand old ladies of online casinos has 7-8 other online casinos under different brands. The parent company links all the brands together offering the large progressive jackpot. Some of these online progressive slot jackpots can get up to eye popping numbers within the brand.

3. Network Linked - By Software Provider. This category is the biggest of the online progressive slot jackpots. Online Casino software providers will license their software to various online casinos and give them the option to link to a network progressive slot. You will get contributions for different online casinos making for a very large progressive jackpot.

All the progressives will play the same but the prize pools will be different. Remember if you want to have a chance to hit the progressive slot jackpot you will need to bet the maximum coin value. We list some of our favorite online casinos where you can play progressive slots.

Online Progressive Slots US Casinos

All US casino players can play Progressive Slots at our recommended casinos below. Lincoln Casino, Bovada Casino, and Manhattan Slots Casino are US accepting casinos that featuring online progressive slots jackpots.

Best Progressive Slots Online