Beach Party Slots

The sun is beaming, the sand is golden, the drink is flowing and the music is blaring, these are all the elements that are needed to have a fun packed beach party. Beach Party is themed on this lively environment with 3 Reel Slots and 3 pay lines to give you the opportunity of winning the 2,000 coin jackpot. This is a classic slot video game with cheerful and well designed graphics and an entertained tune to keep you partying for many hours. This is definitely a game that can be enjoyed by all slot players as it offers maximum enjoyment with excellent ease of play. You can find this Beach Theme Slots at Liberty Slots Casino.

Beach Party Slots - Party Rules

Always have fun, and dance till your feet hurt or in Beach Party slots, until you can bet no more. The pay out structure for Beach Party is very simple to understand, but before starting to bet any money ensure which symbols will yield the most payback as this will add to the experience. With Beach Party the coin denominations range from $0.10 to $10. Beach Party is a 3 pay line slot game the highest bet that can be placed on a single spin is $30 making it perfect for high rollers and penny slot players.

Beach Party Slots - Spot the Party Goers

The symbols that are used in Beach Party are perfectly in line with the beach theme of the game. Spinning round on the reels you will discover a mixture of beach symbols and classic reel slot symbols, which includes; a beach ball, a lifeguard, a number seven, a three bar, a two bar and a one bar. The beach ball symbol is the important symbol in the game, match three in the top and bottom pay line and you win the jackpot, only the beach ball symbol will win in the top and bottom pay lines. For the middle pay line any matched symbol will yield winnings.

Beach Party Slots - Head to the Beach

Beach Party is offered at Liberty Slots who offer a fantastic 100% match bonus. They also have a VIP membership scheme which will offer an impressive selection of additional perks and rewards. Liberty Slots offers a support system for new players and all slot gamers will find their system very easy to navigate around.