Evil Knievel Slots

Have you ever watched the daring Evil Knievel race over rivers and jump over cars? Everyone knows Evil Knievel as the most fearless daredevil that ever lived. Why not spend a day paying tribute to Evil Knievel on the slot machines that are named for him and his death defying stunts?

Evil Knievel Slots - Sports Slots Theme

Evil Knievel slots allow you to take a look into the life of Evil Knievel and attempt some of the dangerous stunts that he took on. The graphics are amazing! You will jump over a host of live rattlesnakes while you strive to make it across Snake River. You get quite thrill in the bonus game when he has his animated stunts over cars, buses and ravines. Get your bicycle helmet on at home just to get into the mood.

Evil Knievel Slots - Jump In The Game

Evil Knievel slots are 5 Reel Slots with 20 pay lines and are brought to you by Vegas Technology. The cool thing about this game is that the maximum wager is variable, unlike most other games. You can win a maximum of 10,000 coins depending on how much you wager.

The scatter symbol is the Dare Devil but of course, who would have expected anything else? When three or more Dare Devils appear on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd reels the bonus game is activated. This is when the fun begins as you will be in a stadium that is packed with eager fans and you are now Evil Knievel himself! As your motorcycle launches hear the dare devil offer you some support.

Evil Knievel Slots Bonus Game

The game is animated but the graphics are amazing. Each time you are successful at a jump you move to the Bonus Slots game. The bonus round is over when you fail to complete a task. If a stunt appears too risky you do have the option to abort the mission by simply pressing the Bail selection. Evil Knievel Slots has one of the more adrenaline pumping bonus games in video slots. The Sports themed slots is well down with the motorcycles.

As you are continuously successful, your winnings increase but beware that as you advance the stunts get more risky. Because of what you are involved in you will more than likely make it to the X-Ray Bonus Round which is triggered by landing on three or more X-Rays on any reels.

Some of Evil Knievel most jumps included the Wembley Stadium, Cow Palace, Snake River, and his infamous jump over the Caesar’s Palace fountains. If you missed any of those historic stunts then brace yourself because you will see them live on this video slot machine.

Evil Knievel Slots Symbols

The symbols include the motorcycle, helmet, trophy, sports car, the heart, trucks, and a ring. The Wild symbol is the number 1. The bonus symbol is the Wheelie and when two or more appear the bonus round is activated.