Monster Money Slots

If you are looking for a frighteningly good time, then look no further than Monster Money Slots from Wager Gaming Technologies. Grab your torch, your pitchfork, and an angry mobs worth of good times and head up to the mad scientist's castle to see what sorts of terrifyingly terrific prizes that he has in store for you. For Instant Play - Liberty Slots Flash Casino! or Download Liberty Slots Casino NOW!

Monster Money Slots - Monster Slots Theme

You might want to leave the light on while you check out all of the ghoulishly great mad scientist inspired symbols that Monster Money Slots has to offer. Neck bolts and beakers have been left lying around this creepy lab to help you start your own experiments in the first tier of symbols. And of course, how can you get any work done without a horrid host of carefully retrieved body parts from the local cemetery - hands, feet, and even a head are all here in the prize filled second tier. But what you really need is a brain to get your monster up and moving - and it certainly won't leave your coffers feeling abnormal. The frightened townsfolk cower while your trusty servant, Igor, gathers up all of your winnings. The castle itself is the top end of the standard symbols in this 25-line, 5 Reel SlotsBonus Slots machine that is available to players right here in the United States, as well as all over the world.

But what mad scientist's macabre story would be complete without a couple of special symbols to really get the old juices flowing and breathe life into your bank account?

First up is that old doctor of disaster himself, the mad scientist. As the wild card, he can help stitch together any of the other goodies you find laying around his lab to make sure that you get just the results that you are looking for. Got a couple of hands and nothing to do with them? Don't fret, the doctor can see you now.

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Monster Money Slots - Monster Bonus Round

And of course, what would a creepy castle be without the bonus round? The weather has to be just right to light up the night by hitting the lightning rod scatter symbols in Monster Money. Get three of them and you'll be treated to a firsthand tour of the castle itself. Check out what is behind each door to really start racking up the bonus money.

Now, because Monster Money Slots is a 25-line slot machine, winning combinations can pop up almost anywhere. So, betting all 25-lines is going to be your best bet at breathing some seriously spooky life into your account balance - that way you can win no matter where your combination appears. After all, nothing is more disappointing than seeing five castles pop up on a line you didn't play.

Best US Casinos to play Monster Money Slots

The only option to play Monster Money online is Liberty Slots Casino. This casino gives the player the option to start off just playing for fun - which is a great way to check out the game and learn your way around. Then, when you are ready, you can dig in and start playing for real money. And the best part is that Liberty Slots offers a sign-up bonus for your first three deposits - doubling your money right from the start. So what are you waiting for? Head to Liberty Slots and sign up today!