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Ocean themed Slots cater to the online slot fan who has a love for the wide open waves, exotic and powerful sea creatures, long lost sunken treasure, heroic sea captain on ancient ships and most importantly romance and love on the high seas. Online casino software providers are noticing that a lot of cruise ship passengers are also online slot fans and they have kicked up their product offering to meet ocean slots themed fans demand for better graphics, sound and story for their entertainment dollar.

Ocean Slots Theme - Shaaark Slots, Mermaids Quest Slots Coral Cash Slots

Most of these Ocean slot themes can be found at Liberty Slots Casino and the most popular will be 5 Reel Slots with a Bonus Slots Game that will be Free Spins or a another lucrative mini bonus slot game with multiplier where the ocean slot theme shines. All the Ocean Slots are at US online casinos and have a Free practice mode. If you enjoy slot themes check out our other recommended Asian Slots, Animal Slots, Sports Slots, Egypt Slots, Game Show Slots and Bird Slots.

Ocean Slots Theme - Free Ocean Slots

Ocean Slots Slot Description and Download Casino Link
Shaaark Slots

Shaaark Slots Imagine you are floating peacefully in the sea with the gorgeous bright sun rays beating down on you, and then some shouts SHAAARK!!! The Shaaark Slots symbols that are displayed include; a shark, a seal, a man in a rubber ring, a shark fin, a warning sign with a half eaten surf board. Play Now!

Dolphin King Slots Dolphin King Slots Dive into an under water adventure as you prepare to go swimming with these majestic mammals. Dolphin King is a sea themed slot game. Some of the general symbols include; a star fish, a crown fish, a lion fish, a shell and high card values. The wild symbol is the Dolphin King himself... Play Now!
Mermaids Quest Slots Mermaids Quest Slots Starfish, turtles, crabs, lobsters, seahorse, conch shells, fish and oysters done up in delectable cartoon style make up the standard symbols for this witty and whimsical ocean/sea slots theme. Play Now!
Coral Cash Slots Coral Cash Slots Coral Cash has an underwater slots theme! The slots symbols are things that you would find in the sea such as sea shells, sea fish, dolphins, coral, a girl, seahorses, mermaids, barnacles and starfish which really makes it an enchanting sea theme slots. You can imagine a Disney like scuba swim with underwater treasure. Play Now!
Atlantis Dive Slots Atlantis Dive Slots All symbols match the theme of the game really well, these include; an open oyster, locket, diving equipment, helmets, jewellery and relics. If you have always dreamed of discovering some ancient relic or finding out the mysteries of Atlantis, then you will love Atlantis Dive slots.

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Paradise Dreams Slots Paradise Dreams Slots The Ocean slots theme is a tropical island with chirping birds, beautiful women and vivacious flowers. This will one will make you feel warm and cozy inside.

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