Triple Gold Slots

How does 15,000 times your bet sound? That's what you stand to gain when you spin the reels in Triple Gold slots. To win the 15,000 coins, make sure you bet three credits on the pay line.

15,000 Coins Isn't the Only High Prize

Prizes in Triple Gold are certainly impressive. On a one-credit bet, a single cherry gains you a 2x prize. Bars are next and pay anywhere from 5x when you get a mix of bars to 40x if you get three triple bars. Get three 7s and win 60x. Three of the Triple Gold wilds and win 5,000x.

A two-credit bet pays 4x for one cherry. Bars pay 10x to 80x, while the 7s pay 120x. The top prize of 10,000x comes with three Triple Gold wilds. You'll get the biggest payouts with a three-credit bet though. With this, your winnings are triple what they are with a one-credit bet. This puts the highest possible prize at 15,000x.

The Wild Triple Gold Increases Winnings

Triple Gold is a classic video slot with cherries, bars, and 7s. Bets start at a penny, so you don't have to risk much in order to win large amounts of cash. The one thing that makes Triple Gold slots stand out is the Triple Gold wild. When it helps form a winning pay line, it triples the prize. If two wilds help form a winning combination, the prize is multiplied by 9.

Play Triple Gold slots now and set your sights on a jackpot win. It's one of the easiest games to play, and it's very rewarding when you win.