Pay Day Slots

Pay Day slots is a three reel single pay line video slot. Win as much as 2,500 on this easy-to-play classic slot. There's not much to learn. You have one pay line and winnings can get doubled if the Pay Day logo appears.

Bet one, two, or three credits on the pay line. Coin values range from a penny to $10, so there's a lot of range for coming up with a bet you're comfortable making.

Wild Symbol Boosts Your Winning Potential

The pink 7 symbol pays 2 or 4 credits on a single or double coin wager. If you bet all three coins, you win as many as 6 coins. On a two or three coin bet, you get single bars that pay 5 or 10 credits. With a triple coin bet, there is no single bar, the number of potential payouts with the 7 symbol increase instead, with the highest payout reaching 30 credits.

Double and triple bars pay 25 to 120 credits, while the green 7 symbol is more rewarding at 80 to 240 credits. The top payout, however, happens when you get three Pay Day logos. You'll win 800, 1,600, or 2,500 coins when the Pay Day logos fill the pay line.

With any winning combination that includes the Pay Day logo with some of the other symbols, your winnings double. If you get two Pay Day logo symbols, winnings quadruple.

Getting Started

Set your wager first and then spin the reels or click auto-play. Auto-play takes just one click to turn it on and off as you wish. You can also change your wager as often as you want. This makes it easy to raise your bet when you get that feeling you're about to win big playing Pay Day slots.