Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Triple Flamin' 7's slots takes very little skill. Start by placing your wager (one or two credits), your coin value (a penny to $10), and then spin the reels. That's all you need to do. Don't feel like clicking spin? That's fine, auto play is easy to activate and takes over for you.

There's only one pay line in Triple Flamin' 7's, and there's no bonus feature. Yet, the top prize of 4,000 credit ensures you feel well rewarded for any time you invest playing the classic slot. With either wager, you'll find the three reels filled with different 7s. There are red, blue, yellow, and white 7 symbols. There's the chili pepper 7 and the logo that says 777 Flaming.

How Much Can You Win?

Winnings depend on your wager. If you bet one credit, one Triple Flamin' 7's logo pays 2 credits. The five colors of 7 pay anywhere from 5 to 150 coins, depending on the color or if it's an assortment of colors. The 777 Flaming symbol pays 1,500 coins.

It's better to bet two credits. For the most part, your potential prizes double, but the highest possible prize increases to 4,000 coins.

Increase Your Winnings With the Triple 777 Wild

The Triple 777 logo is a wild that can increase your winnings by 3x or 9x, depending on the number of times it appears. You'll find prizes like the chili pepper 7 can grow to as much as 450 credits with the help of the wild.

Triple Flamin' 7's slots is so incredibly easy to play that you'll have the best betting strategies down in a matter of minutes. Risk a small amount of cash and gain some very impressive payouts as a result.