Dodge City Slots

Arrow's Edge casino is open for business this season and after - log in to create an account and experience the novelty of Dodge City slots. This western-themed online game combines your favorite elements from the first American frontiersmen of law and order, and the bank-robbing, town-destroying villains that plied their trade off the backs of hardworking citizens.

How to Play Dodge City Slots

This game has everything it needs to recreate the Old West - horses, burglars, wooden houses and a dusty town. In it, you scamper into town on your trusty steed and bank on getting rewards as you find and fight crime on the reels. With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Dodge City Slots keep things varied enough to have you winning - as long as your gameplay is consistent.

And, in case, you were thinking it; yes - there is a lovely lass in this game. Her name is Sally, and she looks to be the personification of the Southern belle. She's invested in your good fortune, and passes out free spins as you and your compatriot in arms, Wyatt, scour the town for looters and criminals. You and Wyatt will aim your six-shooter pistols at broken windows and try to take down outlaws to receive the huge bounties on their heads. To sweeten the pot, there's a Progressive jackpot in this game, which means a win is triggered to release an accumulation of cash, instead of a predetermined, fixed amount.

Bonus in Dodge City

It takes just three Sally symbols to capture 15 free spins; the game that unfolds requires you to build up a store of whisky glasses for even more spins. The magic number of whisky glasses is six; if you can manage that, you'll be rewarded with both free spins AND multipliers.

As for the Bonus game, it is triggered when you get three Wyatt symbols. It's called the Outlaw game for good reason: your job, along with your deputy Wyatt, is to mow the outlaws down for the sake of the town. Each outlaw you strike down will cough up a cash bonus; there are five of them in total (outlaws and cash bonuses).

Lastly; Dodge City Slots has two random progressive jackpots of varying maximum amounts. The smaller one is the Cash Grab Slots jackpot; it pays out anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 when you win it. The huge one is the Super Slots jackpot, and it pays you between $40,000 and $45,000. Just imagine winning this while playing on your mobile devices in public; it would be impossible not to let out a whoop!

Bonus Slots from Arrow's Edge

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Remember - you've got to play to win. Take advantage of Arrow's Edge's welcome bonus and free money to make it a memorable night.