Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab Slots is a Bonus Slots offering 3 Reel Slots and one pay line which makes it super simple to play, even for the novice! You can win bigger amounts by simply wagering more! It is well worth it to play smaller coin values if you have to but make sure that you wager all three coins. The theme of Cash Grab Slots is just like playing a slot machine at a brick and mortar casino. The sounds mimic the theme precisely.

The Wild Symbol is the Cash Grab icon so even one pays out double winnings! Two pays out four times! Cash Grab is a Bonus Slot so of course…you definitely want to go to the Bonus Round where you will always win something! The Bonus Game Symbol will only surface on the third reels so watch for it! Cash Grab does not offer any free spins!

Cash Grab Slots Bonus Game

Headed into the Bonus Round prompts you to select a bag of money. If you don’t like what is in that sack then trade it in for a different one. As long as your prize amounts continue to increase you can keep trading! Ready for this… while you are in the Bonus Round if you get three Cash Grabs icons you can win 2,400 times what you bet. Even for those who bet meagerly…a dime can win you $80! Just remember that every time that you add a coin you increase the jackpot!

Cash Grab Slots Symbols

In Cash Grab look for the same symbols that were originally used…the ones that drew us in and made us fall in love with casino slots. Bars, cherries, and lucky sevens are just a few of the fondly remembered symbols. Maybe you will win the big $72,000 jackpot! Wouldn’t that be nice? All you have to do is load up three $10 coins which means that you loaded the machine with a hefty payout of 2,400 coins on the return! Simply hit for three Cash Grabs and you will have won it all!

Best Cash Grab Slots Bonus

Play Cash Grab Slots online at Liberty Slots Casino! Liberty Slots Casino welcomes all US players. Cash Grab Slots online is brought to you by Wager Gaming Technologies. Take advantage of the Welcome Bonus which offers up to $100 in FREE money! Don’t forget to check out the weekly and monthly promotions that Liberty Slots Casino offers for even more great chances to win!