World Leaders Slots

Software maker Arrow’s Edge is once again serving up a fascinating and timely casino slot for all you gamers; it is fitting that their new World Leaders Slot is debuting in time for the United States presidential election. Far from being only about the two candidates in the present American election, this slot lets you rub shoulders with world leaders and engage their representative symbols for a chance to win some real cash. You’ll be able to make out Vladimir Putin, head of Russia, as well as Queen Elizabeth II and an Arab sheik that looks strikingly like the Grand Ayatollah of Iran. Africa is well-represented by a head of state, and it even looks like Kim Jong Un of North Korea is a symbol on the board, too.

World Leaders Slot has 5 reels and 18 paylines. To spice things up a bit, there are also three Wild symbols to take advantage of; various combinations in the game can get you up to three Progressive Jackpots during the course of a single gaming session. Keep an eye out for Queen Elizabeth II; she is one of the very high value symbols – along with the other world leaders. The run-of-the-mill symbols don’t have nearly as high a value, and these consist of the collection of gold coins, the newspaper, a shield and others (all non world leaders are low value symbols).

The three Wild symbols mentioned earlier are the Golden Eagle, the King’s Crown and the Siberian Bear. If you’re familiar with national emblems, then you know that the eagle is meant to represent American interests, the bear is all Russia, and the crown hails from the United Kingdom. The Red Phone is a bonus symbol, and with any luck, it’ll nab you some free spins, and give you a chance to grab the Super Slots Jackpot, the Mystery Jackpot or the Cash Grab jackpot in the Bonus round. The tally from these Progressive Jackpots is impressive:
  • The Super Slots Jackpot payout is triggered when it reaches between $40,000 and $45,000.
  • The Mystery Jackpot pays out when it reaches $10,000.
  • The Cash Grab Jackpot payout delivers anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

This riveting and timely theme is a sure bet to keep you engaged and gaming. Wouldn’t it be nice to win loads of cash for the upcoming holidays? With its triple jackpot feature, World Leaders Slot can be as lucrative as it is enjoyable – and you can play it now at your favorite online casino.