Heroes Realm Slots

Rival Gaming, best known for their uber-complex iSlots and 3-D slots with amazing images and story-lines that will keep the most hardened of videogame aficionados riveted for hours, has taken a new angle on their latest game, Heroes’ Realm.

Heros’ Realm, or Heroes Realm, as it is often written, is a single payline, three-reel game. If your first thought is, “That doesn’t sound like a Rival game!” you are not alone. But fear not – Rival, as we should have expected, has recreated the old-time three-reeler in their own 3-D style. This is a “simple” three-reel game aimed at the X-Box generation!

Look of the Realm

When players log onto Heroes Realm they are greeted with a video, much like the videos that introduce Rival’s iSlot games. There are male and female heroes, facing skeleton warriors and their daemonic leader. It does seem like a bit much for a simple three-reel slot game, but Rival makes it work.

When the playfield comes up, it is familiar: in both of the top corners are paytable buttons, and across the bottom are the controls, including Select Coins (coin values), Bet Max, Auto (play) and Spin. Unlike more traditionally styled games, the player does not see the tops and bottoms of symbols above and below each reel – just the symbols in play are displayed. In the background are our ferocious heroes from the opening video. On the whole, this game is every bit as good looking as we expect Rival games to be.

Heroic Images

The symbols used are appropriate to the game theme. There are all sorts of images of weaponry and beasts and our heroes too. Everything about it looks as though it is from one of the top-end iSlot games, but the game is simple. As with all Rival games, however, the images and the over-all look of the game are rich and complex, and all levels of symbols are creatively rendered and unique to the game – there are no playing card symbols here.

Heroic Play

Though a “simple” three-reeler, the high tech guys at Rival could not resist a few extras that are not normally found on simple three-reel games. Notably, fifty free spins are awarded for the crossed-swords symbol! The winning combinations, of course, all must come up on the single payline, but there are so many paying combinations, that the return is constant.

Enter the Heroes Realm Now!

For players who enjoy playing traditional three-reelers as a break from higher-tech games, Heroes’ Realm is an awesome choice. This game is easier to follow than many of the truly high-tech games as offered by Rival, but it still has the look and feel of the best of them. We love this one, and it may become our favorite three-reeler.

Head over to your favorite Rival property now, and explore the Heroes Realm!