Desert Kingdom Slots

Bovada is pushing their hardest to become the premiere option in the United States as online casinos leave the region by the handful after the passage of recent legislation, and part of that effort is showing in their purchase of hundreds of slot machines to keep their stateside users engaged and playing.

Desert Kingdom is another standard slot with a new skin, but just because it’s part of the old standard doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less fun. The wonders and dangers of the American Southwest are unlocked in this game where Lizards, Coyotes, and Cougars dominate the lurid landscape. Growls and howls will announce your winnings as the reels turn to $125 max bets across 5-reels and 25 paylines.


When 3 scatter symbols appear on reels one, two, three, or five, the Free Spin bonus is activated, and you get a chance to look under various desert wildlife to find a number, which is then multiplied by your original symbols to give you the total number of winning spins. These include rocks, bushes, cacti, and even a scorpion! So be careful and choose wisely, otherwise you could end up without much to show for it!


Wild tiles for double payouts are here, and along with auto-play and and a Random Progressive Jackpot. There isn’t much more beyond what we’ve come to expect from the standard online machines these days, but Bovada makes up for this with tons of promotions dedicated to the slot players, including a cash back rollover system which will give you 50% of your losses back in cash, up to the first $50. This will restart once per day for over 20 days as long as you play at games like Desert Kingdom or any one of their other 65+ slots available.

Daily Deals

Make sure to check in weekly to find out what the special slot will be in order to get the best advantage. Bovada offers an inside scoop on all the best titles to play and when they have the highest chance of being beaten. This is a technique which brick and mortar casinos have employed successfully for years, because as more people crowd at the same progressive jackpots they rise much faster, and also get won in closer gaps while everyone is betting against “each other” for that big check.

Featured Slots gives this a whole new meaning, as hundreds of people from all over the world go head-to-head in an all out race to see who can be the lucky winner of the gold pot in the middle at once. It makes slots fun again, especially combined with the cash-back that keeps rolling in as long as you pace your play, that's offered by a casino who actually rewards responsible stretches of gaming for a change. Get down to Bovada today, and start playing with others just like yourself from around the globe.