Reign of Gnomes Slots

The rewards awaiting you in Reign of Gnomes slots prove to be delightful fun. Bets in this 243-ways-to-win 3D slot game start at 40 cents. If you're more adventurous, go for the maximum $120 wager.

Every player has the chance to win the standard game's payouts. In addition, there's a free spins bonus and special bonus features beyond that. Spin the reels and see what the gnomes have in store for you.

Are You a Game of Thrones Fan?

Symbols in this 3D slot present a humorous spin on Game of Thrones. You have a comical gnome Daenerys, Drogo, Jaime, and Tyrion. The amount they pay depends on your bet.

If you go for it and bet the full $120, you can win up to $2,400 with five dragon eggs. The Reign of Gnomes logo pays as much as $3,000. The variety of gnomes pay anywhere from $75 to $525 for Drogo to $15 to $1,500 for the king and queen gnomes.

The base symbols (10, J, Q, K, and A) on a $120 bet are also pretty rewarding. They range from a maximum of $150 for the 10 to $450 for the A.

There's a Special Feature With Dragon Free Spins

When you get at least three dragon eggs on the reels, you win free spins. You get 5 free spins for 3 eggs, 10 free spins for 4 eggs, and 20 free spins for 5 eggs. There's a really unique twist with this bonus.

With each spin, you spin the Golden Wheel. This wheel offers a special perk that includes extra wilds, multipliers, and more. If it happens to land on the diamond, you'll play a special bonus game.

A Quick Look at the Ice Diamonds Bonus Game

In the Ice Diamonds bonus game, you're presented with 15 gems. Crack them open one at a time. Each time you find a diamond, your prize increases. Once you've found two empty gems, the bonus ends. If you make it all the way to the end, you can win tens of thousands.

Don't miss your chance to win huge amounts of cash. Reign of Gnomes slots is fun to play and even more rewarding when you win free spins. Play today and see how much cash you'll get.