Doo-wop Daddy-O Slots

The 50's time period is a fun and highly recognizable theme that lends itself to everything from hairdos through to slot games. The Doo-wop Daddy-O Bonus slot game really does bring back the style and icons of the 50's with everything from greased back hair through to pink Poodles and those classic jukeboxes. This fun, eye catching and very entertaining video slot game is a perfect break from table games or playing your tried and true favorites at an online casino.

The Basics

This game features five reels and twenty paylines with a possibility of 33 different winning combinations if all paylines are active. The bet amount ranges from one cent to twenty five cents per coin with a maximum of ten coins bet per line. With maximum bet the winning jackpot is 1000 coins, so betting the max is always the best option to maximize your winning potential.

50's Symbols Galore

While the music and sounds will take you back to the days of your youth the entire theme of the game will have you thinking about winning possibilities. The symbols of soda fountains, ice cream, old vinyl records, roller skates and the guys and gals of the diner will definitely hold your attention. The symbols are detailed and vividly colored, perfect in their design and animation for the theme itself. The wild symbol can replace any other symbol other than the motorcycle, which acts as the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols add to the payout depending on the number of symbols and the amount wagered. This game doesn't offer free spins, but the bonus games add to the excitement of the slot and your winning potential.

Two Bonus Games

There are two bonus screen games in addition to the winnings on the reels. Three or more milkshake symbols on the reels will bring you to the Soda Fountain bonus where you get to serve up the sodas in exchange for cool cash winnings. This is not a skill based game and you don't have to worry about being able to complete some crazy complicated bonus to win. The truck with the flame paint job appearing three times on the reels triggers the Drag Race bonus game. You will drive in the truck against another driver, winning extra prizes for blowing the horn, shifting gears and winning. With all the action at this 50's diner you won't want to miss out playing Doo-wop Daddy-O Bonus Slots. Even if you weren't around in the 50's you will find yourself coming back for more of this video slot with attitude.