Keep'N It Reel Slots

Hip-hop is all the rage, and Keep’N It Reel slots catches the beats and rhythms nicely. Customize your bet to meet your needs, as bets start at a penny and go as high as 10 per payline. There are 20 paylines in all, so high rollers will love the $200 per spin max bet.

Keep’N It Reel slots features funky beats when you have a winning payline, animated symbols that dance along to the music, and exciting bonus features that make it easier to win additional cash in a hurry. Quick snippets of songs like “Pump up the Volume” and crowds yelling “Player” are among the audio effects that create the ambiance with this hip-hop themed video slot.

Hip-Hop Flavored Symbols

A number of hip-hop artists grace the reels. The artist in the white hat is worth 3 to 60 coins, while the one in the red hat is worth an impressive 15 to 300 coins. The boom box is worth even more at 20 to 350 coins.

Brass knuckles are worth the most at 22 to 20,000 coins. In addition, this symbol is the game’s wild card, so it can help turn a losing payline into a big winner. When it does help form a winning line, watch your winnings quickly double.

Keep’N It Reel Bonus Features

When you play Keep’N It Reel slots, cross your fingers for three or more Hummers. When this scatter appears, you win a number of free spins. You’ll find the winnings quickly add up during these free spin rounds.

Three of the Hip Hop Music symbols takes you to the bonus round. You’re shown eight symbols. Pick them to reveal your prize. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the Full House message and win every prize on the board. With three picks, the odds are in your favor that you’ll get the winning message.

Don’t wait any longer. Tap your toes, show off your best moves, and spin the reels. With hundreds if not thousands waiting to fill your credits total, Keep’N It Reel slots is a game you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.