Lucky 7s Slots

There are a lot of slot machines out there and almost all of them have some gag or gimmick to try to catch your eye and get your attention. Some little theme or hook to try and lure you in – but what about when you just want an honest to goodness Vegas style slot game without all the frills and fanfare? It seems like that kind of game is almost impossible to find anymore. Well, now you don’t have to look any further than Lucky 7s Slots. All of the traditional slot machine fun that you are looking for without all of the pomp and circumstance of so many of those other games.

Lucky 7s Slots - 7 Paylines

Lucky 7s Slots is a seven reel slot machine with seven winning lines to make sure that no matter where you look, everything will be coming up sevens for you. Seven reels, seven winning lines, sevens as far as the eye can see – and all of them just waiting to bring you big, big payouts. With that many ways to win, it is hard not to see a winner on each and every pull.

This slot machine is more geared to those who really enjoy substance over style. Not to say that Lucky 7s is not a good looking machine, but it does not waste its time or energy with all of the bells and whistles and instead simply focuses its attention on the purity of the game. It is all about the player, the machine, and the ability to win a whole lot of money.

Lucky 7s Slot Strategy

And as any student of the game can tell you, if you are going to play this machine, you should make sure to do it right. Because Lucky 7s is a 7-reel, 7-line slot machine winning combinations can pop up almost anywhere. So, making sure that you are betting on all the lines is going to be your best option to really land those massive paydays. After all, nothing is more disappointing than seeing a winning combination pop up in on a line you didn’t play.

Best US Casinos to play Lucky 7s Slots

U.S. online casinos players can play Lucky 7s Slots at Liberty Slots Casino features our favorite themed slots.