Jesters Jackpot Slots

A jester has the task of simply making people laugh and when you play Jester’s Jackpot you too will be laughing…all the way to the bank. It has been said for centuries that the magic of the jester can never be controlled and when you play Jester’s Jackpot you will find that to be entirely true. The medieval magic will take you to a place where you will embrace jackpots as you have never before seen.

Jester’s Jackpot Slots is a 5 Reel Slots, 9 pay-line Bonus Slots offers a jackpot of 2,500 coins. Expect the medieval slot theme, vibrancy, and vivid colors balanced to perfection. You will be occupied for hours while focusing on nothing but the jackpots!

Jesters Jackpot Slots Symbols

Some of the themed symbols include the Jester, Jester Hats, Bars, and Cherries. The $2500 jackpot comes when you get five Jesters on any reel. There is a maximum of nine coins per line with betting values of .01-$10. The purpose of this is to cater to all players, both the skilled and the novice.

Jesters Jackpot is very basic in terms of online slots. There is no need for special skills because there are no added payment features. This makes Jesters Jackpot a rare breed when compared to the numerous other slots available.

Powered by Wager Gaming Technology, Jesters Jackpot offers free plays to get some practice in or play for real money. The choice is yours!

Jesters Jackpot gives you the option to use their “Auto play” function where the machine plays all of the spins or use the Stop Spin feature where you can make the reels stop spinning at once rather than waiting for them to individually slow and then stop. Usually Stop Spin is used by those who simply can not wait any longer to see what they have won!

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