Triple 10x Wild Slots

With the right bet, a big win on Triple 10X slots can win as much as $300,000. Even if you only bet $1, you stand to win $30,000. Not bad for a small wager of $3.

Triple 10X slots is a classic video slot where you bet one, two, or three credits on the one pay line. Start by choosing your coin value. Options are 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, or 50 cents or $1 to $10.

Winnings Depend on Your Bet

The amount you stand to win depends on your bet. While it's recommended you wager three coins on the pay line, you can bet one or two credits and still be open to winning as much as 10,000 or 20,000 credits. For the big rewards, you want to bet all three credits for payouts of as much as 30,000 times your coin value.

Symbols include cherries that pay 2 to 8 credits, 4 to 16 credits, or 6 to 24 credits. The bar pays 10, 20, or 30 depending on your wager. Dollars pay 25 to 75, again depending on your bet. The 7 symbols pay up to 150 credits.

Wilds Pay the Most

The rest of the symbols are 3x or 10x wilds. Getting one 3x symbol pays three times your bet, while two will pay nine times your bet. Any of the 10x wilds pay 10 times your bet, while getting a combination of 10x and 3x wilds pays 30 times your bet. Leading to the top prize of 30,000 credits with a combination of two 3x wilds and one 10x wild.

Triple 10x Wild slots does offer substantial prizes for such a small risk. Be sure to check this classic video slot out the next time you're in an online casino offering this gem.