Lucky Beans Slots

Lucky Bean slots takes Jack and the Beanstalk and turns it into a rewarding slot game. A trio of bonus features makes this game a lot of fun, but the cash prizes double your enjoyment as you start winning a bundle of cash.

Lucky Bean Prize Breakdown

Prizes typically require three matches before you get anything. The J, Q, K, and A form the bottom tier of prizes with top payouts of 50, 80, 100, and 120 respectively. The cow, chest of coins, and goose are next at 15 to 200, 20 to 300, and 25 to 400.

The remaining three symbols need two matches in order to win. The giant is worth 2 to 500, while the bag of lucky beans is worth 4 to 1,000. The boy is worth the most at 10 to 5,000. He's also a wild and will help form winning pay lines. You should also keep your eye out on the bag of lucky beans as it's key to the bonus game.

Get 200 Lucky Beans and Play the Lucky Beans Bonus

You have to collect 200 beans in order to play the Lucky Beans bonus. To do this, you fill a basket with one bean each time the bag of lucky beans symbols appears anywhere on the reels.

In the bonus game, you pick four of the six doors. If you find the prize, you get to advance. In level 2, you pick three out of the six treasure chests. If you find the prize, you make it to the final round. In the final round, you pick two of the six cauldrons. Once the rounds end, you're given the accumulated cash from all of your picks.

Free Spins Bonus Feature in Lucky Beans

Get the harp on the second and fourth reel and win free spins. The number of free spins is determined by the total of the numbers appearing on the harp scatter symbol. During the free spin rounds, the first and third reel randomly turn into wild reels.

Extra Bonus Features

There's a Lucky Leprechaun that randomly appears from time to time. If he shows up, you win whatever cash he's holding.

At the end of your spin, an entire reel may turn into an expanding beanstalk wild. If this happens, your winnings are then calculated using the wild reel to help increase your wins.

The giant's wife also appears randomly and awards a bonus. If she appears, you're given a multiplier that's good for up to five spins.

Play Lucky Beans today. Don't forget that the more you play, the faster you'll fill the bucket with beans. Reach 200 beans to play the bonus game and win extra cash.