Pinocchio Slots

It’s no lie, Pinocchio slot is a stunning 3D slot game filled with exciting features. Start with the option of playing in three different worlds and then extend your choices to the Real Boy Mode that you can unlock while playing Pinocchio. Join Pinocchio, Gepetto, and Tinkerbell in this exciting slot game that’s packed with surprises.

Coin values in Pinocchio slots range from a two cents to $1. There are 15 paylines you can activate, and you can bet up to 5 coins per line. This gives you plenty of room to customize a bet to meet your personal preferences.

Symbols and Payouts

On the standard game, payouts range from 5 to 60 coins for the 10 symbol to 20 to 500 for Pinocchio. Gepetto is in the Primary World and offers a top prize of 150. He also serves as the scatter in this world. In the Classroom world, the books and apple become the scatter. Finally, on the Stage, the wagon is the scatter. These scatters are important as they trigger the wild scroll symbol.

Bouncing Wild Scroll

The wild scroll is one of the special features in Pinocchio slots. When this wild appears, it will bounce from reel to reel (right to left) for the next few spins, until it bounces off the screen. Each spin occurring when the bouncing wild scroll is on the screen is a free spin.

Fairy Awesome Bonus

Tinkerbell triggers the Fairy Awesome respins. She helps by respinning a reel after you’ve had a spin that feel short of giving you a combo of five matching symbols. This spin is free and has the potential to give you a huge payout.

Real Boy Mode

During normal gameplay on Pinocchio slot, you may see a Real Boy symbol. These symbols are collected. Once you’ve gained five of them, the Real Boy Mode triggers. During this, all Wooden Pinocchio symbols turn into Real Boys and become wilds. The Real Boy Mode ends once you’ve collected another five Pinocchio symbols.

Double Up

Each time you have a winning payline, you have the option of doubling your winnings. Click Double Up and then predict the coin toss. Heads or tails are your options and the correct prediction will double your prize.

The animations, music, and sound effects all make Pinocchio slots stand out. This 3D bonus slot game is a lot of fun and definitely delivers plenty of cash prizes along the way. Don’t miss your chance to try this magical slot game today.