Klondike Fever Slots

Dig out your pick axe as you prepare to go gold digging in this classic 5 reel slot game. Klondike Fever Slots is traditional 5 Reel Slots, 5 pay line slot video game with simple yet timeless graphics and a well matched theme tune. As you climb up the Klondike Mountain you find that you are getting ever closer to a fantastic jackpot of 10,000 coins. The exciting theme of this slot game will have players instantly hooked and it is an ideal choice for first time or new slot players and those more experience gamers. You can find this Treasure Themed Slots at Liberty Slots Casino.

Klondike Fever Slots - Treasure Slots Theme

Which way will lead you to that jackpot? Before you begin to play Klondike Fever you should check out the pay structure table as this will show you which symbols will pay out what amount, and how many need to be matched in order to receive a pay out. It is also important that you remember that this is a traditionally slot game with only 5 pay lines, this means that you can only bet a maximum of 5 coins in any one spin. However, the coin denominations range from $0.01 to $10 which does make this a great choice for the penny slot players and the high rollers. As with all video slots you should only bet what you can afford to lose and remember to bet low or walk away when the slots are cold.

Klondike Fever Slots - Gold – Dip Here!!

Despite it’s rather simple look, Klondike Fever does have some well matched symbols that have been charmingly designed. These symbols include; a cowboy, a buffalo, a pick axe, a longhorn, a saddle, money bags and a casino logo. There are no wild or scatter symbols in this game, but if you match 5 Casino Logo symbols on an active pay line then you will win the large 10,000 jackpot. The next highest amount that can be won 1,500 coins and that will happen if you match 5 moneybag symbols on an active pay line.

Klondike Fever Slots - Getting to Klondike

The road to Klondike Mountain is quite a simple one that won’t even require you to read a map. Klondike Fever is a great game to play and it can be enjoyed in one of the most respected online casinos Liberty Slots Casino. This casino offers one of the best deals for new and existing customers. For new customers there is a 100% match bonus for the first deposit, and all customers have the option to join their players club where each member can indulge in a series of rewards and bonuses that are fit for their level.