Wheel of Cash Slots

Wheel of Cash is a hot new game from the people at Rival and only found at Golden Cherry Casino! As you have come to expect from Rival games, this is an exceptionally sleek and good looking game, easy to play and offering an exceptional bonus round.

Wheel Layout

The layout of this game is contrived to be familiar to players of five-reel bonus style games. The five reels and twenty paylines have images of the rewards of cash: Champagne, Diamonds, Private Jets, Stacks of Gold, Gold Watches, Stacks of Cash, Motor Yachts, and Bugatti Veyrons. On the low end there is a Slots logo as well. Winning the bonus round is a Wheel of Cash image, and the wildcard is a Golden Ticket.

Cash Plan

The major jackpot on Wheel of Cash is 5000 coins. Coin values on this one range only from 1¢ up to 50¢, aiming this game at low limit players exclusively. Though the limits are quite low, Wheel of Cash hits with minor paybacks often offering approximately a ninety-seven per cent return.

Playing the Wheel

When three or more Wheel of Cash symbols turn up anywhere in the field of play, the Wheel of Cash bonus round is triggered. The Wheel of Cash has different numbers of coins stored in different blocks on the wheel. During this bonus round the wheel can be made to spin three times and the player gets the number of coins that accumulate.

Once the spins are complete, the player may either choose to collect the coins won and return to the regular slot game, or he or she can opt to continue the bonus game. If the player continues, he or she stakes all of the winnings accumulated during the bonus round. The risk is that if the wheel stops on the “bust” block, all coins accumulated during the bonus round are lost, and the player goes back to the slot game.

Wheel of Fun!

In addition to the great bonus round, Wheel of Cash has a terrific collection of wildcards and special symbols and loads of free spins with multipliers. On the whole, Wheel of Cash is a really fun and easy-to-play slot game that will appeal to beginners and low-ball players. Like all Rival games, it works perfectly and looks wonderful. Though aimed at beginning players and low-ball players, it will appeal even to more experienced and higher-risk gamers as a lighthearted diversion from the higher-stakes games.