Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reel slots takes that easy-to-follow format of a three-reel video slot and adds an exciting twist. In this bonus slot, there's an interactive bonus game where you win instant cash. Bets for Haunted Reels cost a penny to $10 per credit. You can bet up to three credits on the single pay line.

Haunted Reels Wins Depend On Your Bet

Choose to bet one coin, two coins, or three coins before you spin the reels. Your bet dictates the possible winnings. With a one coin bet, you can win 2 credits with one candy, 5 credits with two candy piles or a mix of three bars, or 10 credits with three piles of candy or three single bars. Double and triple bars pay 25 and 40 credits, respectively. The black cat pays 80, but the witch is worth the most at 800.

Wager two coins and the winnings offered on a one coin bet double. You can now win 4 to 1,600 coins. Most of these prizes are also in place with a three coin bet. The biggest difference is that three witches pay 2,400 coins. You also qualify for the bonus round. Witches also double your winnings if one helps form a win. If two witches help form a win, your winnings quadruple.

Haunted Reels Jack-o-Lantern Bonus Game

You have to bet three credits in order to qualify for the bonus game. When the jack-o-lantern appears on the pay line, a new screen pops up. Click a pumpkin and see what you've won. You get to keep that cash or pick again. You get four tries in all to find the amount of cash that makes you happy. Just don't get greedy. You may end up with less money than you had with the original choice.

Play Haunted Reels slots now and cross your fingers that the witch appears multiple times. The more you see her, the more you'll win.