Double Gold Slots

A couple of neat features make Double Gold slots one of the more rewarding classic video slots available. First, the Double Gold logo is a wild, which helps you win larger prizes. Second, you control the number of coins involved in your bet. By choosing a three-coin bet, you stand to win huge payouts.

What You Stand to Win

The paytable begins with a single cherry paying 2, 4, or 6 coins when it appears on the pay line. This is why your bet is so important. The 2-coin prize comes with a single coin bet. If you bet all three coins, you win the 6 coins. The coin value can be as low as a penny, so you don't have to risk a lot to bet all three coins!

Get two cherries and win up to 15 coins, but all three wins you up to 30 coins. Single, double, and triple bars come next. They pay 5 to 15 when a combination of them appears on the pay line. Three single bars on a pay line pays 10, 20, or 30 coins. Double bars pay 25, 50, or 75 coins. If you're lucky enough to get triple bars across the pay line, you win 40, 80, or 120 coins.

The 7 symbol pays 80 to 240 coins, which makes it the second most valuable symbol in Double Gold slots. The real big wins come with the Double Gold logo. It pays 800, 1,600, or 2,500 coins.

The Double Gold Logo Wild Bonus Feature

The Double Gold logo is also a wild that doubles your bet when one of them helps other symbols create a winning combination. If you get two Double Gold logos with another symbol, enjoy quadrupled winnings.

You'll find that Double Gold is easy to set up, very easy to play, and clearly marked so that you know exactly why you've won a prize. With the paytable on the main screen, you can keep playing while you view potential winnings. Head to your favorite casino and spin the reels. Who knows. You might become a very happy winner of the top prize of 2,500 coins.