Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

Bet up to $20 and win as much as $40,000. Triple Rainbow 7 slots features a rainbow of colors on the reels. It's the rainbow 7 that delivers the pot of gold.

Rainbow 7 slots is so easy to play. Bet one or two coins on the one pay line. Set your coin value to almost anywhere from a penny to $10. That puts the maximum bet at $20, but you can still play both pay lines for as little as 2 cents.

Here's What You Can Win

Just one rainbow 7 pays 2 or 4 credits, depending on if you bet one or two coins. Two appearing on the pay line pays 10 or 20. Get all three and win 1,500 or 4,000 credits.

The remaining symbols in Triple Rainbow 7s are 7s in a variety of colors. Green 7s are worth the least at 20 to 40 credits. Yellow 7s pay 25 to 50, while blue pay 40 to 80. The purple 7s are worth 80 to 160. Finally, the red 7s offer the second highest payout of 150 to 300 credits.

Place Your Bet and Spin the Reels

When you play Triple Rainbow 7 slots, spin the reels by yourself or let the computer take over. Auto play is available with a click of a button. It's an easy game and a very rewarding one at that.