Manga Money Slots

Sometimes, a five-reel slot offers a little too much for your liking. Manga Money slots is a classic slot with big prizes and great sound effects. Game play is pretty simple, making it an excellent choice if you’re new to slot machines and want to get your footing before making riskier wagers.

With Manga Money slots, you choose the multiplier, one to five, and then the bet level, one to three. Here’s a tip. Choose bet level three for the biggest payouts. Once you’ve made those selections, spin the reels. There’s only one payline, and the paytable is on the same screen, so it’s easy to tell when you are about to win cash.

Manga Money Prizes

With just three reels and one payline, it’s not hard figuring out the prize values. One Manga Money male symbol gets you up to six coins, depending on your bet level. Two of him increases innings to as much as 27 coins, and all three really ups the winnings to 60 to 180 coins. The bars pay anywhere from 3 to 240 coins, depending on which bars fill the screen. The Manga Money female is worth the most. If you’ve bet level one, she’s worth 1,000 coins when she appears three times. A bet level two increases the prize to 2,000, while the level three bet is worth a whopping 4,000 coins.

Take a Chance

After a win, you can click “gamble” and try to increase your prize. By choosing the color of the next card, you double your money. Correctly pick the next card’s suit and you’ll quadruple your winnings. Keep going or collect your increased prize and get back to the reels.

Head to your favorite casino and look for Manga Money slots. It’s a simple, rewarding classic video slot that is sure to become a game you return to time after time. Many casinos allow you to play Manga Money for fun before you risk your own cash, so you can try it out without risk today.