MoneyLineWallet Casinos

MoneyLineWallet Program For Secure Deposits And Withdrawals

Those that enjoy online gambling and sports wagering need to have a very simple, secure and efficient way of making deposits and collecting their winnings. Although in the past the different options customers have may include a direct use of a credit card, there are now a variety of other choices possible. One of the most secure new options for e-transactions includes using the MoneyLineWallet program.

What Is MoneyLineWallet?

It is easiest to think of MoneyLineWallet as an e-wallet system that allows highly secure deposits and withdrawals to merchants such as MLW casinos or sports betting websites. The MoneyLineWallet casinos must establish a merchant account that then allows that casino to accept the funds from the program and deposit them into your bankroll. The reverse process allows for withdrawals which are also done with a highly secure encrypted program. MoneyLineWallet is one of the few online money services that has never had a breach of security, quite an accomplishment given the security issues that many online money services have had in the last few years. There are several MoneyLineWallet casinos that provide bonuses for using the MoneyLineWallet system. These include a huge range of the top online casinos featuring slots, table games and card games. Some of the bonuses are substantial and may be up to 400% to $4000.

Getting Started

MoneyLineWallet casinos have a logo or icon on the deposit or membership page that alerts gamblers to the option for using this e-wallet system. Clicking on the logo or box will bring up the secure login for the MoneyLineWallet program for existing users. If you don't yet have an account you can register and verify the account, which has just a small fee of less than $5.00. Once the account has been verified through your bank you can begin to deposit into your account with MLW casinos. Withdrawals from the casino can also be completed very quickly with either a check or wire transfer to send you cash.


Generally MoneyLineWallet changes no fees for deposits into your various accounts from your e-wallet. Withdrawals have a low cost flat rate fee based on the amount of funds that are being withdrawn. For amounts less than one thousand dollars MoneyLineWallet charges a flat rate of $10.00 for a check to the processed while anything over $1000 is a fee of $53.50. For amounts over $1000 the winnings are sent by wire transfer. The time it takes to process withdrawals is comparable to other e-wallet systems, with a high emphasis placed on your financial information security and protection.