Double Diamond Mine Slots

Take a slot game with 3 reels and 1 pay line along with traditional symbols and you have a classic slot. But when you add just a few diamonds, you not only change the genre of the slot game, but add class to it. The genesis of double diamond slots is an interesting one. It is said that a Double Diamond slot machine was found in a mine shaft and was eventually launched online by those who discovered it. Online players flocked to online casinos to play it, but soon became bored with it and wanted a better version of the game. Thus, Diamond Mine Slots and eventually Diamond Mine Deluxe slots were designed and released to the delight of many. We'd like to showcase these two slot games so that you can play and enjoy them at Silver Oak Casino.

Diamond Mine Slots

On the face of it, Diamond Mine Slots is easy to play with the pay table located at the top of the machine. Look more closely, however, and you will not only recognize the traditional symbols of bars and sevens, but you will see gold dollar signs and diamonds. This is the 3-reel, 1-payline Diamond Mine Slots that has become a very popular slot game over the years. With two jackpots, the first being 2500 coins and the second at 1600 coins, slot players can enjoy playing this $15 slot as it only requires three coins. Of course, you can use any one of the smaller denominations such as a nickel and a quarter, but you certainly wouldn't skimp on the price of a real diamond, right?

Playing Diamond Mine Slots

In most classic slot games, you won't find any bonus features. Such is the case with Diamond Mine Slots. It is as straightforward as they come in the slot world. Even though this is a "diamond" slot, the jackpot can be won when you get three gold dollar signs by wagering three coins. On the off chance you play one coin and get three gold dollar signs, you would win 800 coins; play two coins, and you win the second jackpot. That's all there's to it!Play Diamond Mine Slots and then move on to Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots, where the carats increase immeasurably.

Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

What makes Diamond Mine a "deluxe" slot? There is a wild symbol and two wild multipliers, both of which add a little more excitement to the game. Just like its predecessor, Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots has 3 reels and 1 pay line, with the pay table located at the top of the slot machine. This is where the similarity ends. Diamond Mine Deluxe has a max bet of $100, with smaller bet increments of $5 and $25 per spin. If you bet 3 coins and if you get three double diamonds, you win the progressive jackpot.

Diamonds Are Forever Wild

Another feature in Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots is the double diamonds symbols. The "carats" in these diamonds are worth double and quadruple your trigger bet when they appear in winning combinations. For example, get one double diamond symbol and it will double your payout; get two of these symbols and you'll be paid quadruple your winnings. When three appear - get ready to take home the progressive jackpot! Lucky for us they found that double diamond slot when they did! Play Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots at Silver Oak Casino.