Ever been to a casino and heard the cheers coming from a certain part of the casino? Look over and see the crowds hovering around a big long table? Looking for a fast and busy game to play? Well, that's the Craps game and table and it's one of the most enjoyable games to play in a casino. You can have a great time shaking and kissing those dice so good luck with tossing them onto the table (online and land based) and waiting for the exciting outcome of winning in front of everyone.

Gather around the Craps table.

Soon as you see a Craps table you will see how uniquely designed it is and all the different numbers and words on the felt, like Pass Line, Come and Field. Then each person takes a turn rolling the dice and that person is called the shooter and the other people are called faders. The shooter will be the first one to place a bet and then the faders will place theirs. The shooter will roll the dice and this roll (Come-Out roll) will decide the pass or don't pass line bets and he/she will keep rolling until they reach "sevens out" or rolls a seven at the wrong time. After that, then the next player rolls. The rolls can keep going it all depends on the outcome of the toss. When a Come-Out is going to happen, the dealer will place his hockey puck on the table to signal "Coming Out" and then a new round will be starting.

Craps is all about the rounds and strategy.

You may notice that playing craps is all about the rounds and the first toss from each shooter. The first bet you can make when playing Craps is whether the shooter will pass or not pass and you are betting on if the shooter will make his/her point. You place your chips on the spot marked "Pass Line" or the spot just above the pass line that is marked "Don't pass". Some casinos will require all players to make a minimum Pass or "Don't Pass" bet whether or not they are shooting. The "Pass Line" bet is the basic bet in Craps and should always be made on the "Come Out" roll. After you place your bet, once the shooter rolls either a 7 or an 11 you will win that game. Another good bet is the "Odds Bet" where a player can make an additional bet besides the "Pass Line" bet. A lot of the land-based casinos will offer double odds to players or as high as 6 times. You are allowed to place this bet after the shooter has established his/her point and the casinos pay correct odds so there is no casino advantage.

Play against each other in Craps Tournaments.

Craps tournaments are fun as you get to play against each player, not just the house. What makes the tournaments interesting is the winner is the one with the most chips in the end. So you can plan your strategy of playing against other players, not just house. As the tournament goes along you can compare your chips with your opponents to see where you stand. Flexibility is a key factor when playing in a tournament as you can switch your bets around and adjust your strategy. The thing to remember with Craps tournaments is that there is much more excitement at a land based casino than there is online. At land based casinos you can have multiple tables in the tournament, as well not to mention all the cheering and yelling is one thing that really makes in exciting when you're actually in a casino.