Black Gold Slots

Just like the “Beverly Hill Billies,” get ready to strike it rich in Texas when you put on your ten-gallon hat, get on your horse and join Ol’ Bill the Tycoon. Go with him where the oil is gushin’ and the cash is pourin’. You’re going to have a good ol’ geyser of a time on this animated 5 reel 30 paylines 3D video slots game from BetSoft Gaming.

  • The Oil Tycoon is ready to hop on his horse and watch you hit the big one when you star spinning those slots.
  • You’ll have a great time playing away with all the country music picking guitars and watching the entertaining symbols coming to life. Get ready to drill down deep and have all that black gold come to the surface. And all you have to do is spin, have fun and let all that cash come pouring in.
  • This slots game is set right in the oil fields of Texas with the game interface in the foreground.
  • There’s a tin roof above and Black Gold logo on the top. On the bottom is the controls for the game with the first on the left is the choose the coin size, then select the lines, bet lines button, the spin button is on the oil barrels and then there’s the max bet spin button.
  • The highly detailed oil field illustrated symbols include: Oil dripping from a faucet, Private property sign, Oil Drill, Cowboy hat and money, Pipe line wheel, Barrels of Oil, Animal trophy, Barn, Horse, Ol’ Bill the Tycoon, and an Oil Pump.
  • Every time you hit a winning combination the horse and Ol’ Bill get excited and continue to cheer you on. With all the features on this game you could be bringing you up black gold all night long.
  • There are barrels of free spins, multipliers, winning combinations and a bonus round that will make sure you never run out of fuel.

Black Gold Slots are bursting with features

With Black Gold Slots you’ll never have an oil shortage or a shortage of great features in this game. Soon as you start playing they will just keep coming and then you’re ready to win. To start there is the Center Reel Re-spins feature that happens every time a winning combination comes up on the reels. Then the prize will be paid out right away and then the center reel will spin again for an additional chance to win even more coins.

  • Each time the center reel takes a re-spin the win multiplier will be increased buy one and you can earn up to a 5x multiplier on a win that comes up when you get a center reel re-spin.
  • Those re-spin bonuses will just keep coming as long as there is a new win on the reels. It may be getting dark out but that means you’re ready for the Night Time free spins bonus round.
  • Just get three or more Barn symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ll trigger the bonus round. It is during this free spin round that the Barn symbol becomes a wild and will multiply any win that comes with the winning combination.
  • Then the multiplier will increase for each Barn that is on the payline and will trigger a 10X multiplier bonus. Black Gold Slots even has an interactive bonus round.
  • That’s the Drilling for Oil, Click me bonus round. When you’re playing all you have to do is get 3 or more Drill symbols anywhere on the reels and you will trigger this bonus round.
  • All you have to do is choose one of the oil drills displayed and you will get some nice credits to play with. Then there’s the Higher or Lower bonus round. Just get three or more Oil Pump symbols on the reels and you will trigger this bonus round.
  • You will select if the number drawn will be higher or lower that is currently show on the screen.
  • You can take four hits or four misses and then that will end the bonus round. At that time you will collect instant credits at the end of the session.
  • Black Gold Slots is a barrel full of fun and the many features on this game will keep the free spins and the coins pouring out all night long.