Vegas Party Slots

Are you looking for a slot machine that has all the style and panache of one of the classy Las Vegas casinos – but which you can play from the comfort of your own home? Well then, my friend, look no further than The Vegas Party from WGT. Whether you are stepping out in your best evening attire or just lounging around in your pajamas, this very stylish looking slot game will make you feel like you are putting on the Ritz.

The Vegas Party Slots is the crème de la crème of 5 Reel Slots machines, with twenty-five luxurious winning lines to make sure that you stay in the top shelf lifestyle that you so richly deserve. Couple that with a bevy of classy symbols and icons that seem to quietly whisper class and you’ll find that the cares of your work-a-day life melt away as the neon playing card icons bath you in their rich and rewarding glow. The dice click-clack across the screen and the martinis are always shaken, never stirred. And our guy and doll make sure that the good times (and big prizes) keep right on rolling.

And as if that weren’t enough to get you ready to step out on the town, The Vegas Party Slots has made sure that it is easier than ever to hit those really big jackpots by adding in a neon wild card that can substitute for the other payout symbols in this game. Not only that, but the substitute symbols also amp up the payouts in, and of, themselves as well. Now how can you go wrong with that?

Still not enough to get you dancing the night away? How about adding in a slick car icon as the scatter symbol that will net you a free spin when it pops up? That’s right – we said free. And they say that nothing in life comes that cheap anymore. Guess they must not have been looking in the right spot.

But if you really want to do it up right, you’re going to have to have all the right moves to really make this classy machine purr. Because The Vegas Party Slots is a 25-line slot machine, winning combinations can pop up almost anywhere. So, betting all 25-lines is going to be your best option to really land those massive paydays – that way you can win no matter where your combination appears. After all, nothing is more disappointing than seeing a winning combination pop up in on a line you didn’t play.

The other reason to play as many lines as possible all the time is that the free spin granted by the scatter symbol is played at the same bet and the same lines as the spin it originally appeared on. During this free spin, the machine counts your winnings as calculated from your last bet. Nothing puts a damper on a night out like losing out on a little easy money.

Best Vegas Party Slots Bonus

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