Slot Machine Strategy

Cleopatra's Pyramid SlotsStrategy is at the heart of most things done by human beings. Whether you are playing a game like poker where long term winning is possible or a game like slots where it is not, there is still strategy to be had. Slot machines do not have the same level of strategy inherent to their use as most of the other games in the casino, but that strategic element definitely exists. Here are some basics of slot machine strategy.

Understand the Basic Truth

There is a basic truth to playing slots and it is the same basic truth that exists with every single game that you play in the casino. This basic truth, simply put, is that you can not win in the long term when you play slot machines. You might be able to get lucky in the short term and score a big victory, but you will lose all of your money if you play for a long period of time.

Why is this important? It is important because it ties directly into the concept of discipline. If you understand and accept that you can not beat the slot machine over the long term, what you will find is that you are less tempted to stay after a big win. If you take your big win and leave, you will be a lot happier than if you stay and try to win more. Keep this in mind the next time you play.

Go Big or Go Home

If you are a sports fan, chances are that you have heard this slogan before. It is the slogan of the Olympics and other major worldwide events. The idea here is that since the athlete has been training their whole life for that one day, they need to make sure that they do not play it safe. They need to put their heart and soul into it and go for the big win, otherwise they do not really deserve to be there.

This is a good slogan and it is one that you should adopt for Liberty Slots Casino machine play. Since you realize that the house can not be beaten over the long term, your goal should be to play big in the short term, hoping to strike it big and then leave. This essentially means that you play for bigger jackpots and bigger pay lines so that you can take full advantage of a lucky spin.

Examine the Odds

Finally, examining the odds is also a good idea when you are thinking about playing slot machines in a strategic way. When you compare the chances of getting each particular spin combination with the payout that you get for that spin, you will then have the statistical edge that the house possesses for that particular game. Different slot machines have different edges and a quick examination of the odds will tell you which slot machines have lower house edges. This allows you to minimize the house edge, even though nothing can eliminate it completely.