Crazy Cherry Slots

Play for fun or play for real cash prizes. Regardless of how you play, Crazy Cherry slots is a classic video slot with very generous payouts. Bet up to five coins on the center pay line. Coins are valued at a penny to $10. After selecting your wager, set up autoplay or click spin.

Winnings Depend on Your Wager

On a one-coin bet, you win anywhere from 2 to 1,000 credits. Prizes increase with each coin you bet. For example, on a two-coin bet, the payouts grow to 4 to 2,000 credits. Three coins entitle you to a top prize of 3,000 credits, while four coins pays up to 4,000. The biggest payouts come when you bet all five coins. You stand to win 10 to 5,000 credits at this level.

Symbols range from the Crazy Cherry logo to single, double, and triple bars. After that comes the 7 symbol. The Crazy Cherry logo is key to the biggest prizes, but it must appear at least three times on the reels or on the center pay line in order to win the highest rewards.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

When you play Crazy Cherry slots, don't be shy to play around with your bet. You'll find that it can be a few spins between winnings at some moments, and other times you'll get a bunch of winning pay lines in a row. If you've been in a dead zone for a while, raise your bet to gain extra cash on the next win.

Autoplay is an option you need to take advantage of. It's so easy to use. Simply click the autoplay button and it's activated. With Crazy Cherry slots, you don't have to set a number of spins. Turn it on and click it again to turn it off.

If you've wagered $10, the 5,000 credit prize turns into a whopping $50,000 jackpot. Be sure to consider how much you can win when you're deciding what to wager on Crazy Cherry slots.