Agent Cash Slots

As the Bond-style music plays in the background, you're taken into the world of spies.

Agent Cash slots has five reels full of gadgets, vehicles, spies, and villains. Win free spins, a trip to a bonus feature, or a cash prize with the Pick Bonus feature. There's also a jackpot prize, generous lower tiered prizes, and a vertical wild that ramps up your winnings.

Cash Prizes in Agent Cash

Bombs and spy gadgets pay as little as 5 coins for three matches to 100 for all five. The bearded man and the golden gun pay 10 to 150. Gain up to 200 coins with the car or 15 to 250 coins with the female with a gun. The blond guy pays 20 to 400. Those round out the lower tier prizes.

Agent Cash pays 25 to 800 coins, which makes him the third most valuable symbol. The truck pays 50 to 1,250. It's the villain with the smile eye patch that's worth the most at 100 to 10,000 coins.

Pick Bonus Scatter Grants You One of Three Bonuses

The blond woman is the scatter that triggers one of three features. If she appears on the first, third, and fifth reel at the same time, the bonus begins. In this feature, you pick one of the symbols. You win free spins, a cash prize, or a trip to the pick 'em bonus game.

  • Free Cash - Pick the symbol hiding free cash and win the cash behind it. This unexpected flurry of cash is completely rewarding.
  • Pick 'Em Bonus Game - In the bonus game, 30 cards appear on the screen. You pick a card and win the cash behind it. Keep picking until you hit a stopper. If you pick the stopper on your first try, you win twice your bet.
  • Free Spins Bonus Feature - If your pick leads to 8 free spins, you'll quickly find that they can keep building. Through the free spins, each new trio of free spins symbols adds another 8 free spins. Along with the free spins are exploding wilds that boost the number of winning combinations formed on the pay lines. It's a profitable feature to choose.

Take on the spies and villains in Agent Cash slots. With little risk and a lot of rewards, this game is not to be missed.