Player Wins $169K Jackpot At Slotland Casino

A very lucky IT professional is laughing all the way to the bank as the new winner of Slotland Casino progressive jackpot. The player was able to scoop a massive win of $169K while playing the popular Tikal Treasure Slots. This is not the first time in which someone has won the progressive jackpot. On average, at least four to five times per year someone is rewarded the jackpot prize.

About Slotland Casino

According to the Casino Manager Michael Hilary, the great thing about Slotland Casino is that the jackpots are hit so frequently. He stated that the casino had a lot of jackpot winners. Often players will receive hundreds of thousands in prize money. The frequency in which players at Slotland Casino will win the jackpot can be due to it being tied to a single progressive jackpot.

Tikal Treasure Slots

This was the first time the progressive jackpot was won on Tikal Treasure Slots. Tikal Treasure Slots has a Mayan theme and it will transport you back to the land of South America. Tikal Treasure has 25 paylines over 5 reels. $15 is available to play this slots game and try it out for free. The jackpot winner has previously had smaller wins of at least $1000.