Is it Worth Playing Progressive Slots?

Progressive slot games are the talk of many online slot players. It’s not difficult to see why, either – they offer players an opportunity to try and win what could be a life-changing amount. We’ve all heard of those lucky players who have won six-figure sums playing their favorite slot games.

But is it worth playing slots with progressive jackpots? To find out the answer, let’s discover a bit more about how they work.

Progressive jackpots are available in addition to standard prizes

Usually, one or more progressive jackpots are built by taking a small percentage of the bets placed by players. The rest of the money goes towards the main prizes, while the small amount from each bet goes into one or more progressive pots.

This means you stand a chance of winning the regular prizes in a game, but you’ve also got that jackpot opportunity as a bonus. The odds might be long, but someone’s gotta win it, right?

Some slots require the max bet to be placed to be a contender for the progressive jackpot

We’re not keen on these slots, because the only way you stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot is by placing the maximum bet on each spin you play. That could put a game beyond your budget level.

There are lots of slots out there with progressive prizes that don’t require this, so look for those instead. Never bet more than you are comfortable with on each spin.

Make sure you’re not just playing a game for the chance of winning that progressive pot

In our eyes, a slot must be enjoyable, with lots of prizes you stand a reasonable chance of winning. The progressive jackpot is a bonus, and the odds against winning it are long. That means it is far more important to find a game you enjoy, where the bonus jackpot is just that – a bonus.

While we would all love to win a progressive jackpot, few of us ever will. That means it is more important to look for games you love playing, that don’t require you to play a higher (or maximum) bet to be in with a chance at the biggest prize of all.

Now you know what to expect from progressive jackpots, you can make a better decision on which games to play, and whether to give yourself a shot at winning one.