Why Play Online Slots Vs Land Based Slots

Playing Online Slot is advantageous to the consumer because online slots does not have the huge overhead of capital and labour costs that land based casinos must incur to run their businesses. Here are some of the advantage of playing online slots over land based slot machines.

1. Better Pay Rates - Online Slot Games are able to have a higher payout percentage than the average land based slots because they have less overhead to carry on their games. Payout rates at online slots can be 98% or higher by passing on lower overhead rates to the consumer. This is the same e-commerce business model that allows Amazon.com to offer books at a cheaper rate than land based book sellers.

2. Convenience of Play - No need to get up and get dressed to go the casino. You can find and play your favorite casino slot game from the comfort of your own home. No need to pay gas or wait for a casino shuttle to get to the casino. No waiting in line for your favorite casino game with someone hogging two slot machines. Online play is meant for the individual consumer choice to meet their hard earned needs when they want to play and how they want to play. Flash Casinos are instant play casinos that do not require a download and you can be playing instantly!

3. Progressive Jackpots - Online Casinos progressive jackpots are huge as the software provider can have their progressive jackpots across many online casinos that use their software. Land based casinos are limited in their progressive jackpots by their company's land based network.

4. Variety of Games - You the consumer have a VIP casino that is empty for you to choose any game at anytime because you never have to wait to play a game. You can jump between your favorite online slot games or video slots with ease because you do not have to wait in a crowded casino.

5. Favorite Game Access - Experienced slot players will come to love a few games that bring them a familiar experience. Nothing is worse than getting to the casino and seeing your favorite slot game tied up by an obnoxious person. Or even worse, the land based casino has rotated their slots and removed your favorite game all together. The online casino will always have access to your favorite games no matter the consumer demand.

6. Bonuses and Bang For Your Buck - Money is the bottom line. Online Casinos are able to offer large deposit match bonuses unlike land based casinos with large overhead. You get more with your hard earned money when you research and take advantage of weekly reload bonus loyalty times.